The residents of Fruitcake City, being the great patrons of the arts that they are, always try to support struggling musicians passing through our area.  Here are some of the people we have been privileged to see.  Each picture contains a hyperlink that will take you to more.

Take me to the Jimmy Buffett main page

Some people claim Elvis is the king, but we Parrotheads know better.  Follow the link in the above picture to see my photos of the Dallas concert on April 22, 2003.  There a many pictures spread over several different pages for the benefit of the bandwidth impaired.  They include photos of the crowd, the concert, and of course the mayor and his entourage.  I hope you enjoy looking at them even fractionally as much as I enjoyed taking them.  FINS UP!

Sir Paul McCartney concert photos.

Back in the US!

Eric Clapton Concert Photos!

I went down to the crossroads!

Simon & Garfunkel Concert Photos!

Old Friends!

Paul Simon Concert Photos!

Call Me Al!

Jackson Brown concert photos.

Running on empty!

James Taylor Concert Photos!

You've got a friend!

Sir Elton John Concert Photos!

Take me to the pilot!

Toby Keith Concert Photos!

How ya like me now?

Bonie Raitt Concert Photos!

Love in the nick of time!

Pearl Jam Concert Photos!

Eddie Vetter & Company

Smashing Pumpkins Concert Photos!

Mellon Collie!

Joe Walsh and the Original James Gang Concert Photos!

I know what you're thinkin'!

Dylan and the Dead Concert Photos!


The Who Concert Photos!

Mama's got a squeezebox!

The Eagles Concert Photos!

Hell freezes over again!

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

Everly Brothers Concert Photos!

Wake up little Susie!

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Concert Photos!

Don't do me like that!

Carlos Santana Concert Photos!

Just forget about it!

Billy Joel Concert Photos!

I am an innocent man!

Rascal Flatts Concert Photos!

Movin' On!

Black Crowes Concert Photos!

She talks to Angels.

 Kiss Concert Photos!

I wanna rock'n'roll all night!

Willie Nelson Concert Photos!

Whiskey River take my hand!

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