Freeport Bahamas

Freeport, Bahamas is a truly beautiful place.  Palm trees, tropical flowers, turquoise water, pink sands, and the friendliest people anywhere.  While there we stayed at the Our Lucaya Sheraton.  The Our Lucaya resort is a mega-resort comprised of 3 major hotels, a convention center, and a lighthouse.  It is built right on the beach and offers lots of on-site entertainment.  It has a 2 large pools, one of which has waterfalls and a water slide, a long lap pool, and 3 infinity pools.  In addition there are 16 restaurants, clubs and bars scattered throughout serving everything from cheeseburgers to the finest seafood.  And always keep the Bahama Mamas coming, because as we all know, too much of everything is just enough!

Cargo ships in Ft. Lauderdale Harbor Adios to Ft Lauderdale

We left the harbor about 7:30 a.m. and bid farewell to Ft. Lauderdale.

Harbor Pilot's Ship Dolphins

After we got to the deep water, the harbor pilot left the ship and the dolphins came out to play.

Freeport Harbor Port Lucaya Marina

After a short cruise we arrived at Freeport Harbor and made our way to the Port Lucaya area.

Palm trees on Our Lucaya beach Sailing off Our Lucaya beach

Our Lucaya Beach The clear water of Our Lucaya Beach

Parasailing Live music on Our Lucaya beach 

The beach area has something for everyone.

The First Lady reading in the shade at Our Lucaya

The First Lady grabs a piece of shade to get relief from that tropical sun.

Grounds at Our Lucaya Lighthouse at Our Lucaya

Aztec decor at Our Lucaya Hammerhead's Bar at Our Lucaya

Yellow Hibiscus Red Hibiscus

Grounds at Our Lucaya Pavilion at Our Lucaya

The grounds are landscaped and are so well cared for they look like they are manicured.

Infinity Pool

The edge of the infinity pools blend right into the ocean and seem to go on forever.

Our Lucaya Resort Our Lucaya Resort

The accommodations at Our Lucaya couldn't be more comfortable.

Count Basie Square decorated for Christmas

Count Basie Square, part of the Port Lucaya Shopping District, is just across the road from the Our Lucaya Resort, and was decorated for the Christmas season.

Port Lucaya Port Lucaya

Port Lucaya is a duty-free shopping district that has everything from t-shirts and novelties to liquor, perfume and jewelry.  It is very clean and visitor friendly.

Count Basie Square decorated for Christmas

To us, palm trees were unusual companions for snowmen and Santa Claus.

High School Band Church Choir

Merry Christmas Babies Man with parrots

On our last night in Freeport we attended the annual lighting of the tree ceremony in Count Basie Square.  We were treated to the sounds of the Port Georges High School Band, a local church choir, the Merry Christmas Babies, as well as numerous middle and grade school choirs.  The music was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Man and beast included.

Ships off Freeport Harbor Sun behind clouds over Freeport Harbor

All too soon it was time to return to the harbor for the cruise back as the sun slowly but inexorably set on our time in Freeport.

The Mayor enjoys a spiked pineapple The Mayor competes in the beer chugging contest

Even though we had to leave Freeport, the good times just kept on rolling.  The mayor enjoys a rum and pineapple drink served in an actual, hollowed-out pineapple; and sucks down the suds in the ship's beer chugging contest.


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