Way Out West

First Mom, First Lady & First Dog in front of Scott's Bluff National Park

Scott's Bluff National Park in Nebraska was a major landmark for pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail.  The view from up top is fantastic.  But you don't have to walk up.  There is a paved road all the way to the top.

West Face of Devil's Tower

I've wanted to come here ever since "Close Encounters".  It is a volcano core from which all the soil has eroded.  Legend says a young man was magically changed into a bear, and marked the mountain with his claws as he tried to kill his sisters on top.

First Lady, First Mom & First Dog taking a lunch break at Bear Lake in Northeast Utah

One day we stopped for a picnic lunch on the shores of Bear Lake, which straddles the eastern border between Idaho and Utah.  It is a natural, high mountain lake.  And yes, the water really is that shade of turquoise.

Monument Valley in Southeast Utah

Monument Valley Utah.  Going here was like stepping into a John Wayne western.  You can still rent the cabin he stayed in while filming there.

Bryce Canyon from Inspiration Point

Bryce Canyon in Utah is simply breath-taking.  Don't miss it.


Mount Rushmore Framed By Trees

Mount Rushmore is something you simply must see for yourself.  Pictures just can't do it justice.  If you have never seen it for real, do yourself a favor and go.  Amazingly, no lives were lost during construction.

The Mayor, First Lady & First Dog on the eastern slopes of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming

The Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming are steep and rugged.  They are also home to a pre-historic stone structure known as "The Medicine Wheel."  Its use is unknown.  Like Stonehenge, but without the PR.

Aspen Forest in Northeast Utah

The road between Woodruff and Ogden in Northern Utah travels through a high mountain pass that is one long, continuous aspen forest.  It's closed 6 months of the year.  I'd love to see it in autumn.

Four Corners of Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico

Four corners is the only site in the U.S. where the borders of 4 different states intersect.  Talk about hot and windy.  The heat burned right through our shoes.

The Patriarchs in Zion Canyon

Zion National Park. They named it right.


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