U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Visitor Center Sign

 The Visitor Center is located on Interstate 565 in Huntsville, Alabama.

View from the parking lot

Rockets dominate the skyline, especially the only standing Saturn V rocket anywhere.

MIR Space Stationj

The Mayor stands beside a mock-up of the Russian MIR space station.  Very roomy, but much small than the ISS.

Part of a Saturn V engine

The First Lady stares up at the Saturn V.  That black thing in the upper left is just part of 1 first stage engine.  There are five on the first stage.

Space Shuttle Park Sign

One area of the Center features a Space Shuttle Park dedicated to the Crew of the Challenger.



The First Lady and First Mom outside the entrance to the Visitor Center.

Space AGe Coke Machine

This is where they hold Space Camp, complete with a Coke machine right out of Star Trek.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The Apollo Exhibit.

Saturn V Rocket.jpg (32943 bytes) Saturn V in Sections.jpg (48140 bytes) Saturn V Rocket behind Museum Entrance.jpg (28114 bytes)

The most powerful vehicle ever built, the Saturn V rocket is nearly 400 feet tall.

Space Shuttle Pathfinder 1.jpg (23663 bytes) Space Shuttle Pathfinder 2.jpg (24461 bytes) Space Shuttle Pathfinder rear view.jpg (28623 bytes)

Space Shuttle Pathfinder with Saturn V in background.jpg (28125 bytes) Space Shuttle Pathfinder silhoutte.jpg (22062 bytes) Space Shuttle Pathfinder side view.jpg (29495 bytes)

The Pathfinder is not an actual working space shuttle.  It is a full-scale mock-up of an actual space shuttle.  While you are free to walk around it, it cannot be entered.

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