Quatro Gringos!

Quatro Gringos!

Leavin' on a jet plane.

Sunrise over Mazatlan.

Sunrise over the Sierra Madres.

The Commissioner takes off parasailing.

Up, Up and Away!

Quatro Gringos at Daniel's in Copola.

In Copola, we ate lunch at Daniel's.  Besides serving the best enchiladas and banana creme pie in the known universe, it has quite a history.  Daniel's has been frequented by the likes of Pancho Villa, Ernest Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart.  It has also been featured 3 times in National Geographic Magazine.  Warning:  the fajitas are really HOT!

The Commissioner fishing for Dorado.

The Ticketmeister fights another fish.  From the looks of that cigar it's hard to tell who's winning.

The Commissioner lands a big one!

We still can't wipe the smile off his face!

Mazatlan Lighthouse.

At the top of this hill is the second-highest lighthouse in the world, after Gibraltar.  It is visible for 38 miles out to sea.  It is open to the public but there is no road to the top.  Only a footpath.

Dining on Dorado at Costa Marinara

After a hard day of fishing, we enjoyed the catch of the day at Costa Marinera.  Located on the beach, they prepare your fish free.  You just pay for your drinks, & side dishes.  Then sit back and enjoy while the waves provide background accompaniment for the mariachi band.  Love those guitars and trumpets!

Playing in the main pool.

This is part of the main pool at El Cid.  At one time it was the largest swimming pool in the world.  It wraps around most of the resort and is still the largest pool in Mexico.


Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!

The Ticketmeister & the Mayor wisely spending the taxpayers money on Cuban cigars, decadence & shade.

Airplane flying between Bird Island & our balcony.

Our penthouse suite was so high that planes flew below our balcony.

Mexican Car Wash

What do you think Greenpeace would make of this?  On the way to Copala we saw what our guide Carlos jokingly referred to as a "Mexican car wash."

Quatro gringos in Copala Town Square

After lunch it was time for tequila and cigars.  Copala, though still a small village, is changing rapidly, as technology is slowly encroaching.  If you want to experience it, you'd better hurry.

The Mayor reeling them in.

The Mayor battles his own fish.  Mazatlan is one of the finest deep-see fishing destinations in the world.  Set on the west Coast of Mexico across from La Paz, it boasts the world record for black marlin:  996 pounds.

Check out those choppers!

Oh the Shark babe, has such teeth dear; And he keeps them, pearly white!

Click here to see the Ticketmeister land the big fish! (1.89MB)

La Paz Ferry.

This ferry runs between Mazatlan and La Paz.  The trip takes about 18 hours each way.  The little boats belong to shark fishermen.  That's right:  shark!

The Mayor, Commission, and Carlos enjoy cold ones with shrimp.

Our guide Carlos took us to a wonderful little restaurant in downtown Mazatlan:  Marisco's Rubio.  The shrimp there is fantastic, and the cerveza is always cold.  Mazatlan is known for the second largest shrimp fleet on the west coast of the Americas.  They also brew Pacifico and Modelo beers there.

Pacific Sunset.

A Million Dollar Pacific Sunset.  And worth every cent.


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