OP ain't Sheriff Taylor's son.  It stands for Ostioneria del Puerto.  What it is, is a great little outdoor bar.  Completely outdoors.  The only parts that have a roof over them are the kitchens, the bathroom and the band stand.  Now this is not an upscale, yuppie outdoor bar.  It is nice neighborhood bar where everybody knows your name.  Featuring live bands, OP's is just down the road from the Pacifico Brewery.  If you haven't tried Pacifico Beer you are missing out on a very good thing.  It is always my beer of choice, but in Mazatlan it is so much better.  Maybe it's the ambiance.  Or maybe it's just fresher, having to travel only a couple of blocks.  But sitting at OP's, under the trees, with the Tambora music playing, sipping ice cold beer at 10 pesos a pop is about as good as it gets.  The mahi mahi and yellow fin tuna are fresh every day, as are the shrimp.  Big shrimp.  Really big.  Mazatlan is paradise for shrimp lovers.  At OP's shrimp are 100 pesos per kilo.  Bring your appetite.

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