Mount Vernon

As you probably already know, Mount Vernon was the home of General and Martha Washington.  It is a magnificent estate overlooking the Potomac River. about 20 miles or so south of the District of Columbia.  For a modest fee you can tour the plantation.  No photography is allowed in the house, but you can feel free to snap away anywhere else.  Be sure to allow plenty of time.  We were only able to stay there about 4 hours or so.  It wasn't enough time.

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Like myself, George Washington was a member of the Ancient and Accepted Order of Freemasons:  probably the only thing we will ever have in common.  While staying in Alexandria, we saw the George Washington Memorial Masonic Temple, which is the national headquarters of the Masons.  Since General Washington presided over that lodge from time to time I thought I would put in a few pictures of the temple exterior.  It is a magnificent building.

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