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My best friend in Mazatlan is Manuel.  I have known Manuel for 2 years now, and he has never failed to show us a good time.  Just tell him what you want to do and leave the rest to him.  He will take care of you.  Manuel was born in Mazatlan and has lived there all of his life.  He knows everyone and everything about the city.  He knows all the best places to go.  And just as importantly, he knows all the best places to avoid.

If you just need a ride from here to there, any taxi will do really.  But if you want to see Mazatlan, and I mean really see Mazatlan, Manuel is the driver for you. Just sit back and relax while Manuel shows you his town.  Because in the words of Ian Fleming:  Nobody Does It Better.  Be sure to have him grab some Cuban cigars and some cold Pacifico for the tour.  He will get you a much better price than you will ever manage on your own.

If you want to purchase souvenirs, ask Manuel to take you to the Central Market across from the Basilica in downtown Mazatlan.  Make sure you ask him to take you to Carla's shop.  Carla sells quality merchandise at reasonable prices.  And with Manuel along, you will probably get an even better bargain.  And besides, Carla is "muy bonita," which always enhances your shopping experience.

If cold beer, fresh fish and pretty waitresses are your style be sure to stop at the OP, which is short for Ostioneria del Puerto.  Soak up some of the local atmosphere, along with a generous portion of the local brew:  Pacifico.  Maybe it's my imagination, but the Pacifico always tastes best to me at the OP.  Maybe it's because the Pacifico Brewery is less than a kilometer away and the trip doesn't take long.

Several of the pictures below are of the pulmonia shop.  In Mazatlan there are 2 pulmonia companies.  One company has its pulmonias marked in red, like Manuel's.  The other company marks theirs in green.  This is the "red" company's shop.  The work they do is outstanding.  The guy doing the body work on the pulmonia door is the owner.  He is a very friendly, down-to-earth kind of guy, as are all of his employees.  They work very hard, but like most Americans, are never too busy to joke around a bit as you can tell from the pictures below.  To top it all off, they even fed me.  Roast chicken never tasted so good as this did, washed down with ice cold Pacifico.  I had a great time and made many new friends that day.  Despite the language barrier.  It seems most people everywhere are pretty much the same.  Manuel and his buddies would fit in right here, just as I felt right at home with them.

If you really want to enjoy the full potential of your Mazatlan trip, drop Manuel an email.  If you don't have a great time with him at the wheel, I will personally eat this entire web site!  Really!  And please remember this is Manuel's job, not his hobby.  This is how he supports his family.  So please be generous in proportion to how good a time you have.

Oh yeah.  The first photo is always how I picture Manuel every time I think of him.

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