Islands of Adventure

If you like high-tech, state-of-the-art, thrill rides, this is the place for you.  Free-fall elevators, dueling roller coasters, or your favorite cartoon characters, Islands of Adventure has something for everyone.  And don't miss The Incredible Hulk roller coaster.  At 72 miles per hour and pulling over 4 gees, it could change your life.  At the very least you could have the time of your life!

The First Lady and First Daughter browse ALL of the stores.

The First Daughter and First Lady posing with a well known friend.

The First Daughter and First Lady holding on for dear life in the front row of  the Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster


Looks like they were impressed!

Ya gotta love Marvel Comics.  The best heroes, and the coolest villains.

Toonville is like waking up and finding yourself in the Sunday Comics.

Everything in the Jurassic Park area has a dinosaur theme.  Even the food!

The Dueling Dragons Roller Coasters race one another side by side.  Halfway through they separate, only to come back together before the end.  Both the Fire Dragon and the Ice Dragon come racing towards one another at over 60 miles per hour.  And just when you think you are about to collide, you are jerked up, up and away into a screaming double loop.  Literally.  Sitting in the front row, all I saw were 4 sets of eyes about the size of dinner plates hurtling right for us.  No doubt the people in the other coaster saw the same thing.

The First Lady and the First Daughter shopped the International Bazaar and ran into an old friend.

Poseidon's Castle.  A large impressive collection of rocks and water.

Even from across the lake the Incredible Hulk coaster is just that:  Incredible.  And here's the flip side.

The First Lady and First Daughter lounging at Seuss Landing in Whoville.

Whoville is all decorated for Christmas.

Cindy Lou Who was on hand to sign autographs, along with the Mayor & First Lady of Whoville

Christmas was in the air at Whoville.

And of course old you-know-who was on hand to steal cokes from little girls.  He's a mean 'un all right.

Circus McGurkus & Caro-Seussal.  What a pair!

Fun characters and fanciful shapes are everywhere.

The First Daughter poses with your friendly neighborhood spider man while Captain America signs autographs.

And just when we thought we missed him, we ran into my old frat buddy from Wottsamotta U!


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