The Hilton

While it is not on The Strip, the Las Vegas Hilton is one of the largest and classiest casino resorts in town.  You immediately notice crystal chandeliers covering the main casino area as soon as you walk in the front door.  A left will take you past shops and restaurants until you arrive at the far west end near the glass elevator.  A trip to the top in this baby will give you a spectacular view down the strip.  The Hilton also has the advantage of being immediately next to the Las Vegas Convention Center.  So if you're headed to Vegas for the national meeting of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo, the Hilton is the place for you.  And if all of that is not enough to entice you, the Hilton also contains the Spaceship Casino which is home to Quark's Bar & Restaurant.  The restaurant is a fun trip with food and drink right out of Star Trek, as well as Borg & Klingon roaming around loose.  Be sure to try the onion rings.  Aside from being tasty, I guarantee you never had them served like this.  And wash them down with a Warp Core Breach, a fruit punch drink that contains 5 different kinds of rum.  It is served in a large, round globe with a big chuck of dry ice in the bottom.  It is brought to you bubbling and steaming and ice cold.  Just be careful not to hurt yourself.

Hilton & Riviera Marquees

Spaceship Casino

The Spaceship Casino.

Quark's Restaurant

Quark's Restaurant.

Quark's Bar

Quark's Bar.  Don't forget your pressed latinum.

Enterprise D Model

Enterprise D Model

Clothing from the series "Enterprise" 

Clothing from the "Enterprise" series.

Uniforms from the original series

Starfleet dress uniforms from The Original Series.

Sarek & Amanda

Sarek & Amanda


Sorry, but we're fresh out of blood worms.


We are the Borg.

Singing Klingon

Nothing like Klingon Blood Wine to get a good time started!

3-D Chess Ghyna

Alien exhibit

The First Daughter up close and personal with a Klingon

The First Lady & Mayor schmooze with the Klingons

Mayor Borg

Resistance is futile!


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