Freemont Street

The Freemont Street area is the best of old Vegas.  Over 4 blocks of casinos, bars, strip clubs, restaurants and other establishments designed to separate you from your money.  And the street is covered from one side to the other with a large, curved stadium screen that is 4 blocks long.  Along with a world class PA system, it is hands down the best free attraction in Vegas.  The downtown casinos feature the loosest slots and the cheapest drinks in town, and neither Glitter Gulch nor the Golden Goose require a cover charge.  One of the best meal deals in town is to be found in the diner of the Golden Nugget: an  8 ounce prime rib for $5.95.  If your are feeling extra hungry you can have the 12 ounce prime rib for an extra 2 bucks.  But the absolute don't miss attraction is to be found at Mermaids.  Whatever else you do in Las Vegas, have a deep fried Twinkie at Mermaids.  Sure it's full of sugar and cholesterol.  Of course you can feel your arteries hardening.  But what a way to go.

Deep Fried Twinkies at Mermaids

Golden Goose Glitter Gulch

Freemont Casino

Looking down Freemont Street

Golden Gate Casino Pioneer Casino

Binion's Horseshoe Casino

Fitzgerald's Casino


Looking down Freemont Street

Lady Luck

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Flower Power

Jim Morrison over the 4 Queens

Freemont Street Screen


Freemont Street Screen

Pete Townshend

Freemont Street Screen

Guitar over Freemont Street

4 Queens


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