hawaiian tropic tanning research laboratories.jpg (295287 bytes)

How do you get a job at the Hawaiian Tropic tanning research lab in Ormond Beach?

Oceans East.jpg (26908 bytes)

We played Condo Commando for a week at Ocean's East Resort. It was clean and everything worked.

Condo Balcony Looking East.jpg (24693 bytes)

A room with a view!

Daytona USA Museum Entrance.jpg (25796 bytes)

Daytona, U.S.A.  The birthplace of speed.  Entrance to the speedway museum is free.

Garage Alley.jpg (41584 bytes)

On race day Garage Alley is swarming with mechanics.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Around Turn 3.jpg (27258 bytes)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. coming around the back turn.

Grandstand & Pressbox.jpg (26589 bytes)

The Grandstands and Press Box are painted just like the checkered flag at the finish line.

Bruce in Daytona Victory Lane.jpg (44439 bytes)

The Mayor celebrates after his thrilling come from behind victory at the flag by whooping it up in the Winner's Circle.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse.jpg (33424 bytes)

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse is just south of Dayton on Highway A1A.  Just drive until you run out of road.

15th Century Seminole Canoe.jpg (20705 bytes)

That rotted hunk of wood on the wall is a 15th century Seminole canoe.

19th Century Kedge Anchor.jpg (37570 bytes)

19th century Kedge anchor.

Bronze Buoy Bell.jpg (28435 bytes)

A bronze buoy bell weighing 1,000 pounds, made for the U.S. Coast Guard in 1911.

Bruce & Donna at top of Lighthouse.jpg (18396 bytes)

The Mayor and First lady relax after climbing all the way to the top of the second tallest lighthouse on the east coast of the U.S.

Top of Lighthouse looking north to Daytona Panoramic.jpg (34360 bytes)

The view from the top looking north back towards Daytona.

Top of Lighthouse looking East out to sea Panoramic.jpg (33022 bytes)

The view from the top looking east out to sea.

Top of Lighthouse looking South across Ponce Inlet Panoramic.jpg (25119 bytes)

The view from the top looking south across Ponce Inlet.

A1A.jpg (25445 bytes)

Decisions, Decisions.

A1A South.jpg (25706 bytes)

But your choice is obvious.

Sunrise at Condo.jpg (16087 bytes)

What can I say? A sunrise like this will get you up early even on vacation.

Daytona 500 Pace Car.jpg (35919 bytes)

This was the official pace car for the 2000 Daytona 500, which was still about 3 weeks away when this was taken.

Dale Earnhardt Jrs Truck.jpg (35627 bytes)

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s transport truck.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Time Trial.jpg (42520 bytes)

My camera mechanism was so slow, it took me 3 tries to get this shot.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was coming around so fast I couldn't catch him on film!

Pressbox.jpg (47352 bytes)

This close-up shows the detail in the press box and stands.

Drive In Christian Church.jpg (23395 bytes)

People in Florida do everything in their cars!

The F D Russell Tugboat.jpg (21159 bytes)

The F.D. Russell Tugboat formerly ran out of Ponce Inlet but is now retired as part of the museum exhibit around the lighthouse.

16th Century Pirate Anchor from Jean Ribaults Fleet.jpg (40015 bytes)

This 16th century anchor belonged to the notorious pirate Jean Ribaults.

Cuban Raft.jpg (32127 bytes) Cuban Raft Sign.jpg (22613 bytes)

This empty raft was found floating by the Coast Guard.  The life jacket tied to the raft means those onboard were rescued.

Original First-Order Fresnel Lens.jpg (39108 bytes)

This is the original Fresnel Lens for the lighthouse.  It was made in France and shipped over in pieces.  Fully assembled it is over 12 feet tall.  As you can see, it still works.

Donna & Bonnie at top of Lighthouse.jpg (18861 bytes)

The First Lady and First Mom take a breather at the top.

Top of Lighthouse looking West across the Intercoastal Waterway.jpg (20574 bytes)

The view from the top looking west across the Intracostal Waterway.

Breakers at Ponce Inlet.jpg (38882 bytes)

Breakers at Ponce Inlet Beach.

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