Lord Mayor

The Mayor at the wheel off the coast of Mazatlan

Relaxing off the coast of Mazatlan.



The Consigliori in his little red Miata.

Anjinsama, Mr. Goodwrench, Dr. Memory.  Call him what you will.  He is a man of many names.  Also many faces.  This is one of my favorites.



Recovering after the Buffett concert.

The Ticketmeister takes a well deserved rest the morning after the Buffett concert.


We are the people --

Our parents warned us about!


First Lady

The First Lady at Grandma's house

Taking a well deserved break.


First Dog

An arresting gaze from the First Dog

This little friend is smarter than most people I have met.  Seriously.


Commissioner of Music

The Commissioner in the dive tank at NASA in Houston.

Someday I'm writing a book about all my rowdy friends and this guy is definitely going to be in it!


Commissioner of Whup-Ass

Bull Butter!

The one and only Roy D. Mercer.  Just how big an ol' boy are you anyway?


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