The Aladdin

The Aladdin is one of my favorite places on the strip.  Walking through the Desert Passage Mall is like walking through a marketplace or bazaar in the Middle East.  The ceiling is painted sky blue, with white clouds that seem to move as you walk along the marketplace.  There is a small indoor pond, called "The Dock", which experiences a rainstorm at scheduled times.  The Aladdin also plays host to the Bada Bing Show, which is about as much fun as you will ever have in a Vegas show.  But my favorite part of the Aladdin is Fat Tuesdays at the crossroads of the Desert Passage Mall.  For $15.95 you can get a yard-long daiquiri in the flavor of your choice.  The entire back wall is lined with daiquiri machines.  I chose a mix of 190 Octane and Hurricane, which was recommended by the bartender.  It was every bit as delicious as he said it would be, and definitely inspired me to further action.  For an extra dollar, he will fill a test tube with 151 proof  rum, and stick it upside down into the frozen daiquiri.  I had three.  And if that is not enough to float your boat, they have righteous jello shots for a dollar.

The entrance to The Aladdin & the Desert Passage

The entrances to the Aladdin and the Desert Passage Mall, respectively.

Inside the Desert Passaage

La Salsa Cantina is in all of the indoor malls.  Their salsa is excellent, but too mild for my taste.

Inside the Desert Passage

It's like being in an Arabian Nights story.

The Dock in the Desert Passage

The Dock.  Home of the indoor rainstorm

Inside the Desert Passage Inside the Desert Passage

The First Lady & First Daughter relax in the Desert Passage

The First Lady and First Daughter take a load off.  Distances in Vegas are deceptively far and turn walking into an endurance test.

The First Lady shops inside the Desert Passage

Just like a third world bazaar, complete with elephant.  Except for the prices, of course.

The Mayor enjoys a yard-long daquari from Fat Tuesdays inside the Desert Passaage

Yep.  Three extra tubes.  Told you.

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